This acrylic case is designed to perfectly fit te Ultra Premium Collection box – 151 edition. Since this case is bigger in size, we decided to put 1 extra N52 magnet on each side. Also we provided this case with the polished edges, engraved logo and made out virgin acrylic materials.

The regular market holds 5MM and 8MM acrylic products.
The Acrylic Box is the first one to change the thickness to 6MM thickness. This small detail opened up the opportunity for us to put the strong N52 magnets on top without cracking the case. By using ‘virgin acrylic’ materials imported from Taiwan, we can guarantee a high quality product. The case has a 83% UV-resistance rate and we finished it off by polishing the edges to make the case smooth and elegant.

Acryl Case voor Pokémon Ultra Premium Collection 151 Box 6MM


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